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    Radiant Heat Guidelines

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Radiant Heat Installation Guidelines

Provenza® Floors DOES NOT WARRANT THE INTEGRITY OF ITS FLOORS if installed over radiant heat.

If you choose, at your own discretion, to install any Provenza Wood Floor product over radiant heat the following procedures and information should be followed for better results:

As an installer, it is your responsibility to be aware of the grade, relative humidity of the room, and moisture content of the subfloor. You should check that each plank is free of damage or manufacturing defects.

All radiant heat installations are recommended to be FLOATED. Also cork is a recommended underlayment.

Follow our Floating Floors Installation Instructions.

The radiant heating system must be operational and heated for at least 7 days prior to the installation. Use an incremental control strategy that brings the floor through temperature changes gradually, which may include an external thermostat. Turn off heat and let subfloor cool down to room temperature 3-4 hours prior to starting the job. Before installation begins, ascertain that the heating system is designed and controlled for wood flooring and that the circuit does not include other floor-covering types. Failure to do so may cause excessive heat damage and shrinkage.

After installation, turn the system back on immediately. The finished floor surface temperature must not exceed 75 degrees F throughout the life of the floor. Radiant heating systems normally create dry heat that can lower the interior humidity levels. It may be necessary to add humidity with humidifiers to maintain the recommended levels of humidity (35% to 55%) and prevent damage to the wood floor.

Double gluing of grooves and tongues (top and bottom) as well as the end joints gluing is required for stronger bond.

Please note that PROVENZA® FLOORS, INC. WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE for any damages, including but not limited to shrinkage, dry-cracking, checking, warping and/or delaminating of the wood floor caused by radiant heating systems.