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    Heartland Treasure Reclaimed Collection

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Provenza Heartland Reclaimed Solid Wood Flooring Provenza Heartland Treasure Reclaimed Flooring Made In The USA

Provenza FSC Certified Heartland Treasure Reclaimed Flooring

Provenza Heartland Reclaimed floors feature FSC certified recycled materials from old barns, sheds, fences, and other buildings destined for demolition. These materials from America's heartland find new life in flooring, and are rich in natural patina and timeless character.

Reclaimed Floors
from America's Heartland

At Provenza Floors we manufacture most of our reclaimed solid plank wood flooring in random widths.

Reclaimed materials are naturally random in size by nature. The reclaimed timbers and boards from America’s venerable old barns, mills and factories produce in the reclamation process, every imaginable width and length lumber. Milling the flooring to each board’s maximum practical width and length allows us to achieve the best yield and subsequently helps keep the price down.

Random width flooring most closely reproduces the look of Early American plank flooring, manufactured prior to the Victorian period. Up to that time flooring was manufactured in random widths, (often by hand) for much the same reason as earlier stated… to maximize yield from the timber being processed and to keep cost down.

Somewhere in the process, between tastes of that day, clever salesmanship and the flooring industry’s decision to maximize yield by producing fixed width, the “standard” from the late 19th Century through the 20th Century became flooring of 2½" and then 2¼" widths, although wider plank flooring has regained popularity in recent years.

Our reclaimed flooring is offered in a wide range of practical options, from our standard RW3"-6", to RW5"-8", RW7"-10" and limited quantities of 11" and wider. Each order is shipped random width, (typically 4 widths, ie: 5", 6", 7", 8") with a tally showing linear footage and the square foot quantity of each width in the shipment.

If your design calls for a reclaimed, rustic, natural, distressed or character grade flooring, consider solid random width wood flooring from Provenza Floors and know that you have selected a traditional wood flooring manufactured in an historic and yet timeless process. gallery

Provenza Heartland Reclaimed floors exhibit a rich, deep patina that is achieved only by many years of aging in the environment of a bygone era.


  • Naturally Reclaimed 100% Recycled
  • American Made Flooring
  • Custom Stains and Finishes Available
  • Unfinished Materials Available
  • Also Available in 1/2" Engineered Construction

NOTE: Reclaimed wood is a natural product subject to color, character and grain variations. Mineral streaks, knots, nail holes, saw marks, worm holes, splits, cracks & other imperfections may also be present and are not considered defects of the reclaimed floor.


Installation of solid ¾" random width, reclaimed antique or traditional new, solid plank flooring from Provenza Floors, Inc. essentially requires the same tools and practices as followed in the installation of “standard”, naildown wood flooring products.

Full Installation Instructions

Warranty Info

  • 25 Year Finish, Lifetime Construction (Residential)
  • 3 Year Finish, 25 Year Construction (Commercial)

Full Residential Warranty
Full Commercial Warranty