• Provenza EcoTech HiDef Laminate Floors

    EcoTech Harmony Collection

    by Provenza

Provenza EcoTech Harmony HiDef Laminate Floors

Provenza EcoTech HiDef Laminate flooring keeps the innovation coming with our Harmony Laminate Collection that is both durable and beautiful at the same time... revealing realistic wood looks with a hand distressed surface texture in rich durable colors suitable for heavy residential traffic and light commercial applications. Four new colors now available! gallery

Provenza EcoTech Harmony Collection HiDef Laminate Floors


  • HiDef Laminate Technology
  • 12mm x 124mm x 1210mm
  • 16.15 sq. ft. per carton

EcoTech Harmony Installation Instructions

This EcoTech flooring installs quickly and easily with the patented Unilin Snap-Together Joint System. Please read the complete installation instructions before getting started. That way you’ll get the best results.

EcoTech flooring must be installed with floating, glue-less installation only. This flooring should NOT be installed using fasteners or adhesives of any kind.

EcoTech flooring can be installed:
  • In rooms on, above or below ground level
  • Over plywood, OSB or concrete subfloors, or directly over existing hard surface flooring

EcoTech flooring should NOT be installed in bathrooms, laundry rooms or any area in which there is excessive moisture. Doing so will void the product warranty.

EcoTech flooring is manufactured to highest standards of product quality, but occasional manufacturing defects may occur in the product. It is the sole and joint responsibility of the installer and owner to conduct a quality inspection of all pieces EcoTech flooring before installation. Any pieces of flooring that appear to contain a manufacturing defect should not be installed. Flooring that has been installed will be deemed to have been inspected and accepted by the installer and owner, even if the owner is not present at the time of installation. If defects are found, please contact your dealer. It is the sole responsibility of the flooring installer to ensure that the job site, subfloor and installation tools and materials meet or exceed all applicable industry standards. view full installation instructions here

EcoTech Harmony Warranty Information

This warranty applies to the original purchaser and the original site of installation only. The conditions and terms of this warranty are as stated herein and may not be altered by any dealer, installer, agent or distributor of EcoTech Laminate Floors by Provenza Floors, Inc.

Manufacturing Warranty

Provenza Floors warrants that flooring shall not contain manufacturing defects in excess of industry standards (5% of total flooring quantity). If manufacturing defects are present in excess of industry standards, the defective pieces should be returned to the original place of purchase PRIOR TO INSTALLATION. If Provenza Floors deems the flooring to be defective, Provenza will replace it with an equivalent quantity of the same or similar product at no charge to the customer. If Provenza is unable to furnish an equivalent replacement product, Provenza may, at its sole discretion, elect to refund to the customer a portion of the original purchase price equivalent to the value of the defective portion of the floor. Under no circumstances will the value of a warranty claim exceed the original purchase price of the product. It is the responsibility of the customer to inspect all pieces of flooring for defects prior to installation. Flooring that has been installed will be deemed to have been accepted by the customer and will not be eligible for replacement. Provenza accepts no responsibility for labor costs incurred to remove or install products.

Finish Warranty

Limited Twenty Five Year Residential Warranty: When installed in a residential application, Provenza warrants that the decorative laminate surface on EcoTech floors will not stain or wear through under normal residential traffic conditions and use. view full warranty disclosure here