You dream it, we create it...

With over 36 years of experience in creating innovative, stylish, and unsurpassed quality custom hardwood floors, Provenza is the leader in the design of custom hardwood flooring collections. From the deep, rich, warm tones from the beauty of nature, to brilliant explosions of colors, Provenza wood floor collections offer a range of style and designs that exceeds the most demanding in hardwood flooring expectations.

The passion for detail.

Provenza artisans’ exceptional attention to detail, make each handcrafted floor a reflection of your own vision and style. With every floor design, we begin by selecting a wood species best suited to enhance and accentuate the inherent personality and natural character of the wood grain. This process is essential to ensure its beauty and distinction will prevail in the final piece. We use age old proven techniques, combining "Old World" woodworking skills with modern innovations, producing truly handcrafted, hand distressed, and hand scraped hardwood floors for your home. At Provenza, our passion is to provide the finest in hardwood flooring. We create a timeless hardwood masterpiece... truly “art for your floor”.

What's New at Provenza?

Provenza Floors is proud to announce our new floor hardwood collection, the Iconic Edge Hardwood Floor Collection as well as new floor color additions to our Heirloom, Old World, and Pompeii hardwood flooring collections.

Residential Flooring

Provenza offers a range of flooring options in both hardwood and laminate products suitable for any residential application.

Commercial Flooring

Provenza's Infusion Commercial Acrylic Color Impregnation process results in a hardwood floor that is both beautiful and durable.

Custom Flooring

Provenza Floors offers custom made hardwood flooring options for architects, interior designers and homeowners.

USA Made Flooring

Provenza's Infusion and Home Hardwood Floor Collections are Custom Made in the USA!

Internet Sales Alert

Provenza products are distributed exclusively through an authorized dealer network.

Provenza. Designing Hardwood Floor Collections with beauty in mind and innovation at heart.